How I Got Here

In my life, I have struggled to find self-employment that would give me a higher purpose.  I experienced years of soul-crushing frustration in search of that kind of professional fulfillment.  Though I was self-employed the bulk of my professional life, deeper meaning in my work eluded me.  My impatience was my own folly as what I didn’t realize was that my struggle was my training for one of the most fulfilling roles I could ever stumble into.  Sometimes it takes others to see it.  As I sat one day with a good friend, sharing my naturally developed skills as a listener and supporter, she turned to me and said, “You would be a perfect Life Coach” (this from someone who was already utilizing one!).  She was right.  This sentiment was echoed by all who knew me.  Of course you are a Life Coach was the universal sentiment.  As it took others to see the potential in me, now I in turn practice Life Coaching to help others see the strengths in themselves.

On-Going Learning and Credentials


Life Coaching Fundamentals and Techniques Certification

Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment for Older Adults Certificate

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

University-level Cognitive Behaviour Psychology course

Additional Support/Reading

Gottman Theory (

Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”

Curly Martin (

Rich Litvin Life Coach (

My Podcast Feature on "The Professional Podcast Network"

I was recently invited on ‘The Professional Podcast Network”, where my insightful wisdom and transformative coaching techniques were showcased to a global audience. You can listen to the podcast below!